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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Edvantage

Edvantage is a savings program that offers savings, contests and more to Edvantage members and their families through partnerships with retailers and businesses. OTIP administers the Edvantage program on behalf of your participating group/association.

Email us or call and speak with one of our Edvantage customer service representatives at 1-866-750-6847.

For feedback, go to My Account and in the drop-down options click “Feedback”. Let us know: 

  • What’s working or could work better 
  • How was your experience? Was it good or was it poor? 
  • Suggestions to improve the program 
A “primary member” is the member of a participating affiliate, union/group or association.
A “secondary member” is a person who is added by a primary member. Secondary members must be 18 years of age or older and reside in the same household as the primary member. Primary members can add up to FIVE secondary members.

Registering for an Account

Need help registering for your Edvantage account? Watch our 'how-to' video for helpful tips.

To register: 
  1. Click the red “Log in/Register” button located at the top of the website navigation bar and complete the registration process. You will need to know your Edvantage number and group name. 
  2. When you create an account, you will receive a validation email from Edvantage. To complete your registration, you must open the email and click the validation link. 

If you do not know your Edvantage number, contact your group/union/association.

NOTE: your group/union/association is not Edvantage. 

If you are an RTIP client, your Edvantage number is your OTIP/RTIP ID number. 

If you cannot locate the name of your group from the drop-down list on the registration page, please email us.
  • Are you a teacher? If so, your group name is most likely your affiliate, union or association name (e.g. AEFO, ETFO, OECTA, OSSTF, etc.). 
  • Are you a support staff? If so, your group name is likely your CUPE union name. 
  • Are you retired? If so, your group name is likely Retired Teachers Insurance Plan (RTIP) or ARTA. 

If you cannot locate the name of your group from the drop-down list on the registration page, please email us.

You must register with an email address. That email address is what you will use to log in to your Edvantage account so that you can access the exclusive discounts.

You may not be able to complete registration due to some common reasons. We recommend you try the following solutions:   

  • Confirm that the correct group name is selected and verify you entered the correct Edvantage number.  

  • Make sure first and last names are spelled correctly. Names may contain hyphens and punctuation, like a period or apostrophe. Middle initials, middle names or preferred names could also be in brackets.   

  • Confirm you entered an email address and password that meets Edvantage criteria. Your password must contain eight or more characters, including uppercase or lowercase letters, a number, and a special character that includes ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) 

If you did not receive the validation email from Edvantage: 

  1. Check your email’s junk/spam/promotions/other folders. 
  2. Check your email settings for a privacy/spam filter that is enabled. If enabled, it may block the validation email from being received. 

If you are still unable to find the validation email, contact us for assistance. 

NOTE: Cogeco, Hotmail or Yahoo email addresses may take longer to receive the validation email. It may also be blocked with an email spam filter. If so, request to allow emails from to go through the spam filter. You can also register with a different email address with another provider and request to allow emails from to go through the spam filter. 

If you are part of more than one group, you might receive two welcome emails. Please only register ONCE and use the group name, Edvantage number and email address you are most active with. If you become inactive with that group, you may register with your other group name, Edvantage number and email address.
A secondary member must use their own email address when registering. The Edvantage system will not accept a duplicate email address already in the system to register a new account.

The primary member must first complete the following steps: 

  1. Invite the secondary member to the Edvantage program by logging in to their Edvantage account. 
  2. Click on “Account Information”, then scroll down the page and click on “Add a Secondary Member”. 
  3. The primary member must complete the required fields and click “Save Changes” to complete the invitation process. The secondary member will receive an email from Edvantage inviting them to the program.  

Once the primary member completes steps 1 to 3 above, the secondary member must complete the following: 

  1. Open the email and click the “Register Now” button. 
  2. Enter the primary member’s group name and Edvantage number, and then complete the registration process using their own information. 
  3. The secondary member will receive a validation email from Edvantage. To complete registration, they must open the email and click the validation link 

If you have difficulty registering, ensure the name is entered exactly as provided by the primary member. The primary member can remove and add the secondary member again, so that the secondary member receives a new link to attempt the registration again. Registration links may only be valid for a limited time.  

Your Edvantage number and group name will be the same as the Primary Edvantage member’s Edvantage number and group name. Secondary members do not have their own unique number since the Primary member has shared their access to the program with the secondary member.

Logging In

Option 1: Click the red “Register/Log in” button located at the top of the website navigation bar. 

Option 2: Or, after clicking on an offer, you will be prompted to log in and validate that you are an active Edvantage member by entering your email address and a password. 

If you do not have a log in email address and password, you will need to create an Edvantage account. During this process, you will set up your log in email and password and that is what you will use to access the full offer details. 

OCT members will no longer have access to the Edvantage program. If you are a part of another group or association, you might have access to the Edvantage program through that group or association. Please contact your group administrator for more details.
Double check that your email and password are correct. If you continue encountering difficulties logging in, we recommend clearing your cache and refreshing your page. To clear your cache, press Ctrl+F5 (PC) or Command+Option+E (Mac).

If you are on leave or recently returned from leave, you may need to contact your group administrator to be reactivated.

Managing your Account

Change current password:  

  • Log in to your Edvantage account, click on the “My Account” button in red and then click “Account Information”. Enter your current password in the Confirm Password field. Enter a New Password and Re-type New Password in these required fields. Follow the password criteria provided. Click on the red “Change Password” button to save the new password.  

Reset password:  

  • Click on the “Forgot password?” link on the Log In page. Enter your email address in the field and click “Submit”. You will receive a password reset email with a link to verify your password reset request. Please note: the link may expire. Enter a new password following the criteria provided and click “Save Changes”. We recommend you manually type in your email and password to log in – auto-fill could be incorrect.  

    Reset options may bring you to your account page and ask for old password. (Note it’s the browser which brings you to your account page). Clear cache and close browser. Then go back to password reset and it will allow you to reset password.

  1. Log in to your Edvantage account. 
  2. On your “Account Information” page, scroll down to the “Secondary Members” section and click “Add a Secondary Member”. 
  3. Complete the required fields. 
  4. Click “Add Member” to complete the process. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: When registering a secondary member, ensure the primary and secondary member are using identical spelling of their name. Once begun, please complete registration in a timely manner.  

  1. Log in to your Edvantage account. 
  2. Click “My Account”. 
  3. Click “Account Information”. 
  4. Under the Secondary Members section, click “Edit” or “Remove”. 
The secondary member will receive an email stating they no longer have access to the Edvantage program. The member will not be able to log in, view offers or their Edvantage card.
When  the primary member is deemed ‘inactive’ by their group, they will no longer have access to the Edvantage program. In addition, any secondary member(s) that is connected to the primary member will also be deemed ‘inactive’, so they will no longer have access to the Edvantage program. 

Accessing the Deals

The Edvantage savings program connects members with participating partners and their offers. By purchasing a product or a service from an Edvantage partner, members agree to follow the business policies and/or agreements of that partner. If you encounter any issues with the product or service purchased, please contact the Edvantage partner directly for support.
  1. Click “See Offers” from the top website navigation bar.  
  2. Click on an offer that interests you. You will be prompted to log in with your email and password to see the full offer.  
  3. Follow the instructions posted on the offer page.  

NOTE: You can also contact each partner directly with questions about their products, services or discounts. 

No, you do not need to provide your Edvantage card or number to get a quote, but you may be asked to provide the name of your union/federation/association. If you would like to get a car or home insurance quote from OTIP (Ontario education members), visit the OTIP website. If you are from a group outside of the Ontario Education community, visit the Orbit Insurance Services website

About your Edvantage Digital Member Card

For most of our members, your affiliate/union/association card has served as your Edvantage member card, and some members had a separate card for Edvantage only. Your Edvantage member card is now digital and available online at once you have registered for an Edvantage account. 

To view or download a copy of your card:

  1. Sign in to your Edvantage account.  
  2. Click “My Account”. 
  3. Click “Member Card”. 
  4. For more options, you can click “Download PDF” or “Email Card”. 

NOTE: When you are shopping in person at one of our partners’ stores, you may need to provide a copy of your digital Edvantage member card as proof of membership. 

Store an image of your digital card on your phone for a quick reference.  

On your mobile device, view your Edvantage member card at

For iPhones on Safari, click “Download PDF”. Once your card appears, click the save icon (save-icon.png). Save to your files, or a more preferred location such as the Notes app.

For Androids on Chrome, click “Download PDF”. This will automatically save the PDF to your default download file.

You no longer need to carry a physical member card with you. You can simply log in to your account, click on “My Account”, and click on “Member Card”. For more options, you can select “Email Card” or “Download PDF” to keep a copy on your device.  
An Edvantage partner may ask you to show your Edvantage digital member card at the time of purchase to be eligible for an Edvantage offer. Although this may not always be the case, if you are unable to provide proof of Edvantage membership, the partner is not obligated to honour the Edvantage discount. 

You do not need to request member cards from Edvantage for your spouse or children. Each secondary member needs to register for their own Edvantage account and will have their own member card. Their member card can be accessed from the “Member Card” page in their account. 

Secondary members do not need to carry a physical card. They can log in to their account and email a digital copy of their member card to themselves by clicking the “Email Card” button from the “Member Card” page of their account and save it to their mobile device. They can also download a digital copy of their member card to their mobile device by clicking the “Download PDF” button from the Member Card page of their account. 

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You cannot unsubscribe from program information as we use email to inform you of important program updates, changes to your account, etc. However, if you have opted-in to receive our e-newsletters and promotional emails (to learn about new partners, limited-time offers, new contests, etc.), you can unsubscribe from those emails at any time by clicking the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email.


Edvantage does not have a mobile app.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Any app that is currently available for download under the name "Edvantage" is not affiliated with our Edvantage program or with OTIP and is an infringement on and a violation against OTIP’s intellectual property in both name and design. Extreme caution is urged. OTIP recommends you refrain from viewing and downloading the app from any source, including Google Play Store or Apple iOS Store. 

When you’re on the go, use your mobile device. Go to our Offers page and follow the instructions below that apply to your device:

Safari/Apple iOS Devices
  1. Open in Safari.
  2. Click the share icon (save-icon.png) and click “Add to Home Screen”.
  3. Give your short cut a name, and click “Add”.
  4. Done! The website is now displayed as a shortcut on your home screen, just like any other app. When launched, it will open up the Edvantage Offers page in your Safari browser.
NOTE:  For Apple devices, Safari is the only browser with this functionality.

Chrome/Android Devices
  1. Open in Chrome.
  2. Click on the Chrome menu icon (menu-icon.png) and click “Add to Home Screen”.
  3. Give your shortcut a name and click “Add”.
  4. Done! The website is now displayed as a shortcut on your home screen, just like any other app. When launched, it will open up the Edvantage ‘Offers’ page in your Chrome browser.

Samsung Internet/Samsung Devices
  1. Open in Samsung Internet.
  2. Click on the Samsung menu icon (menu-hamburger-icon.png) and click “Add page to”.
  3. Several shortcut locations will appear. Click “Home screen”.
  4. Give your shortcut a name and click “Add”.
  5. Done! The website is now displayed as a shortcut on your home screen, just like any other app. When launched, it will open up the Edvantage ‘Offers’ page in your Samsung Internet browser.
This functionality is widely available among many different browser and mobile devices. Feel free to reach out to for help if your specific device/browser is not listed.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Check out our screen captures for more detailed instructions.

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