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Edvantage Terms of Service

  1. To participate in the Edvantage program, all primary and secondary members must be 18 years of age or older.  All secondary members must reside at the same residence as the primary member. The primary member is responsible for any/all secondary member(s) who are eligible to participate in the Edvantage program.


  1. All primary members have the option to add additional eligible members. All secondary members must be 18 years of age or older and reside at the same residence as the primary member (maximum of up to 5).


  1. The Edvantage program ( ) offers its members products/services at a discounted rate and/or special offers from select business partners. Edvantage is not responsible for administering the products/services and/or the discounts provided. Some partner offers may differ for primary and secondary members. It is the responsibility of the member to review the terms and conditions and partner offer disclaimers. The member will not hold OTIP or the Edvantage program accountable for any circumstances or discrepancies that may arise.


  1. The member acknowledges that any disagreements with an Edvantage partner will be directed to the Edvantage partner. The member understands that if any escalations are required, the primary member must be the one to discuss the issue with the Edvantage Call Centre.


  1. If the primary Edvantage member is no longer eligible for the Edvantage program, their account, along with any additional member’s accounts, will be deactivated.    


  1. Edvantage members will not share any partner offer details, promotional codes, or login credentials with individuals that are not eligible or authorized to have access to the Edvantage program, including but not limited to, social media platforms, message boards or similar platforms.


  1. Edvantage has the right to terminate a member’s account, and/or their additional members’ accounts, should any complaints from partners arise, including but not limited to, sharing discounts and offers with non-Edvantage members, misuse of discounts, and argumentative or abusive behaviour towards staff.


  1. Partner offers and other information on this website are subject to change without notice.